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Platinum Interchange 1-800-854-2324 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-714-779-7900 (International)
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arrow1 "Last summer I first called RCI, then called Platinum Interchange, to check the availability for an exchange any time prior to the end of October 2009 at a number of locations including Williamsburg, VA, Gettysburg, PA, Myrtle Beach, SC and Cape Cod, MA.

RCI had one possibility, the first week of November in a studio on Cape Cod. Platinum Interchange, however, had eleven possibilities to choose from: in Williamsburg, Cape Code and Myrtle Beach, all before the end of October and some even in early September.

The Platinum Interchange representative I spoke with was extremely helpful, pleasant and forthcoming with many surprises for me. I was offered a courtesy hold for several days at no cost; I was not required to deposit my week prior to searching for availability; payment was not due until the exchange was confirmed; the fee for an exchange was much less than RCI’s (anywhere from $55-80 depending on the method used to make your RCI exchange, whether by internet or phone); there are no annual dues or membership fees at Platinum Interchange and you have the ability to upgrade either your unit for an additional fee."
Mrs R.B.

arrow2 "I am a 20 year owner and Platinum Interchange is the "Best" exchange network I have encountered; I'll enjoy my 2 weeks in the Bahamas. Thank you."
G.A., Exchange Guest, New York

arrow3 "I have been working via e-mail with Maureen in banking a week at Lawrence Welk Villas, California. Ms. Caglia is also searching for a week for me next year at Dolphin’s Cove in Anaheim, California. I am so pleased with the customer service. I am hard of hearing and have to rely on e-mail for all correspondence. Ms. Caglia has spent quite some time with me, with my various e-mails back and forth. I found her to be pleasant, courteous, and above all, patient with me.

What a pleasure to deal with a great employee like Ms. Caglia! You must have done good job training her.

Excellent Customer Service"
P.M., Exchange Customer

arrow4 "Sold on Platinum Interchange!"
D. & S.G., Exchange Guests, California

arrow5 "I just wanted to say thank you to Alex for her assistance, which helped me get an exchange at Club Donatello. Alex surprised me today with the good news, and said she had help getting the week for me. I am just thrilled that I will be able to go in September--not too cold, and all the tourists with kids will be back in school, so it will not be so crowded on the cable cars! I love San Francisco..."
Exchange Guest

arrow6 "We let our membership go and started to exchange with Dial An Exchange and Platinum Interchange. That was about 10 or 11 years ago. What a pleasure!! They do not require a membership fee....they do not take your week until they have the exchange you asked for and their exchange fees are much lower then RCI and II. They make it much easier and simpler to exchange. It's a pleasure doing business with them because they are always helpful and paperwork and arrangements are done when we arrive. Also Platinum Interchange has an online "Away List" you can pick from so you don't need to buy a book. They do not have as many units for exchange as RCI but what they do have is integrity!!"
Exchange Guest

arrow7 "My wife and I have just returned from a week's vacation. This was the third in the past year. Although the resorts were varied in location and amenities, the one constant was the outstanding assistance given us by Platinum Interchange's Vacation Counselor, Yvonne. Her willingness to extend herself to be helpful is something that Platinum Interchange should be proud of. We plan on using Platinum Interchange many more times, because of her outstanding service."
J.G., New Jersey

arrow8 "Cami is the Best and has a very special way about making you feel comfortable and able to speak with her about anything. She is personable and makes sure she is able to do what she can. I have always enjoyed our conversations and emails and she is a credit to Platinum Interchange."
D., Customer

arrow9 "I recently had dealings with your Exchange program and one of your representatives took care of my requests. I just want to let you know that she was most helpful, courteous and a joy to work through our requests and questions which were handled most efficiently. I have always had good results with your Exchange program."
Exchange Guest

arrow10 "Staff was very friendly and most helpful. The units were clean and nicely furnished. We have had wonderful experiences at Platinum Interchange resort properties."
D. & H.H., Exchange Guests, California

arrow11 "Excellent service! We appreciate the no Membership Fee and no up-front payments."
B. & L.P., Exchange Guests

arrow12 "We wanted to thank you for arranging all the exchanges to Vacation Villages for us and our family. The resort was very nice and we had a wonderful time in the Berkshires. Thank you to Platinum Interchange. We are so glad we heard of you and will use you again for sure."
R.L., Exchange Guests, Florida

arrow13 "We just returned from our trip to Park Royale in Cancun. What a wonderful experience. The staff was so attentive, the grounds, hotel, etc. were spotlessly clean, food was plentiful, delicious and always available. Activities entertained us and our two sons! Thank you so much for organizing this trip for us, we really appreciate it.."
C.& J. D., Exchange Guest

arrow14 "Hi Cami and your Manager as well, Tom and I want to thank you both for your help in getting us a place to stay and use our week this year. As I have told Cami, life has been a little challenging these past couple of months and things are looking up. We love Laguna and have several family near that area and it will be wonderful to enjoy relaxing there and enjoy our family and friends as well.

We praise you for your excellent service in going the extra mile to try To find us a property and doing your best to help us not lose our weeks. Thank you all again for making something special happen in our lives and bringing us a happy gift at this time."

arrow15 "a…WAY List is the most innovative new creation in timeshare in the past five years."
Exchange Guest

arrow16 "I am writing today to commend one of your vacation specialists, Joseph. For years my husband and I have used Platinum Interchange as our primary source for exchanging our time-shares. Joseph has always been there for us. He returns calls in a timely manner and is courteous and efficient. He communicates immediately with all pertinent information once he has potentially located an exchange for us. He will ascertain any and all additional information we may request concerning the potential exchange resort. His attention to detail to ensure satisfaction with our exchange goes above and beyond his duties.

My husband, Tim and I wish to congratulate Platinum Interchange for recruiting such outstanding, personnel as Joseph. We look forward to many more years of scheduling our exchanges through Platinum Interchange."
J.H., Owner

arrow17 "Staff was very friendly and most helpful. The suites were clean and nicely furnished. We have had wonderful experience at Platinum Interchange resort properties."
D.& H.H., Exchange Guests

arrow18 "Normally, I don’t take the time to send a message like this, but I really wanted to acknowledge the outstanding customer service of Katie.

I was new to the world of timeshares a couple years ago when I inherited several weeks from my parents after they passed on. I spoke with many different people at many different respective companies regarding exchanges & options, and Katie was by far, the most helpful, friendly, informative, clear, and just a real pleasure to talk with. It’s funny because I remember one company had said they prided themselves on their customer service - They could definitely learn a few things from Katie.

I did complete the exchange with your company, and everything went very smooth with no problems. Her knowledge and specific recommendations and advice she provided regarding the specific timeshare location I chose, enabled a really enjoyable, great vacation. I look forward continuing future business with Katie and your company. I also strongly feel the company fills an important niche needed in this market, I like the way things are structured, and I do pass this along to others well. Thanks!!"
T.F., Exchange Guest

arrow19 "Very simple to exchange- excellent staff member who did the exchange and made the transfer very simple. We are looking forward to our next exchange."
T&K.S., Exchange Guests, Arizona

arrow20 "We have cancelled our Interval International membership and now use Platinum Interchange exclusively."
C. & R.B., Exchange Guests, Florida

arrow21 "Just wanted to thank you for helping me book four rooms at the Jockey Club. My brothers and sisters had a great time and we celebrated my Brother Charlie's 60th birthday. Thank you again for your help."
Exchange Guests

arrow22 "Our first experience with Platinum Interchange was outstanding. We look forward to more vacations."
E.L., Exchange and Rental Guest

arrow23 "We are also members of RCI, but Platinum Interchange has our priority."
C. & B.F., Exchange Guests, Nevada

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